What are Board Backdrops and How to Care for Them?

Drop/A Wall Board Backdrops are realistic images printed on a rigid board. Our boards are made from a smooth, rigid, multilayer PVC. This material is durable yet lightweight. You can get messy with your photo shoots as our board backdrops are water-resistant and stain resistant. 

How do I care for my board backdrops?

Water resistant stain resistant backdrops


Cleaning: Most times, just a wet cloth will do to clean your board backdrops. For tougher messes, we recommend a non-abrasive cleaner like Branch Basics and a soft microfiber cloth.


Storage: Since our board backdrops are flat, they can be stored almost anywhere. Prop them up against a wall in your closet or slide them under the bed. For extra protection you can keep them stored in the original foam sleeve they arrive in!

Do you have more questions about Drop/A Wall Board Backdrops? Send me a message at info@dropawall.com and I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have!

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