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I'm so excited to start featuring some of your incredible work! I'll be selecting a customer each month that has really caught my attention with the use of their Drop A Wall backdrops! Make sure you tag @dropawall for a chance to be featured!

 This month I'm featuring Bach Tran, @nhauforever! Bach ordered his first Drop A Wall backdrops in October of 2021. His photos caught my attention right away with his stunning cocktail photography! Over the past year, Bach has envisioned certain scenes and styles for his photos and we've worked together to create custom backdrops that bring those visions to life!


Here's a little Q and A to help us all get to know Bach and his craft a little better and I'm thrilled to share it with you as well as some of his work featuring Drop A Wall backdrops!

Q: Can you describe what you do?

A: I photograph cocktails and food for brands and restaurants.  Food has the unique power to bring people together, so I want my photographs to reveal the emotions behind that connection.


Q: What inspires you the most in your field of work?


A: Seeing the attention to detail from chefs and bartenders I have photographed inspires me to put the same focus into my work.

Being fortunate enough to photograph Vietnamese brands has taught me so much about my culture.  It’s inspiring to learn about them and see how they carry on with the traditions we grew up with.


Q: What do you do (or hope to do) to further invest in your craft?

A: I’ve learned a lot from books and online training courses but would really like to learn from local photographers that are willing to mentor. 


Q: What is the most challenging part of what you do?

A: Since I’m not a full-time photographer yet, finding the time to focus on photography without sacrificing other areas of my life is the most challenging aspect. 



Q: What do you do when you need a break?

A: For a quick break: make myself some coffee or take a walk with my wife and dog.  For a longer break at the end of the week:  sit in my favorite chair, turn on the TV and turn off my brain for a bit.



Q: Who is your biggest cheerleader and why?
A: I’m lucky to have several cheerleaders (close friends, clients, family members), but the biggest cheerleader would be my wife.  Despite the photography equipment house clutter and having to eat later when I photograph dinner, she is always there to support me.



Q: How did you hear about Drop A Wall?
A: An Instagram friend tagged me in one of your giveaways.  At the time, I only knew of rollup vinyl backdrops which took too much time to set up.  When I saw your hardboard backdrops I knew I needed them!


Q: What is your favorite backdrop from Drop A Wall?

A: I gravitate towards natural surfaces like stone and textures.  When I first discovered Drop A Wall, I was in love with TAOS, PARISIAN PLASTER, and GRUNGE.  Since then, the custom backdrops you’ve made for me are definitely new favorites: TERRAZO (white & black) and GREEN TILE.


Q: What is your favorite quote, saying, or song lyric?

A: Over a decade ago I learned about The Perfect Game.  No matter what happens in life, good or bad, just know that it is perfect. You may not know why at that moment, but you’ll realize it later.  As difficult as it may be to do, when something “bad” happens I think to myself, “it’s perfect” and move on.


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